Student Centre Rijeka organizes different activities for students in their free time. Considering that students spend a lot of time at universities, it’s very important for them to spend their free time as well as possible. Student Centre Rijeka is trying to follow needs of students.
Offered programs are: socio – cultural programs, entertainment programs, sports programs and so on. These are programs such as: different types of excursions, visits to exhibitions, various courses like dance class or cooking class, organization of art workshops, visits to musical events and concerts, organization of sports events, providing support to various students associations, organization of lectures and so on. Except students, the opportunity to participate in the above mentioned programs have employees of the University of Rijeka and Polytechnic of Rijeka too. 
The plan and program of the events is created for each semester and for each academic year (winter and summer semester). The program is published on the website of Student Centre Rijeka: www.scri.uniri.hr or on Facebook page: www.facebook.com/slobodnovrijeme.SCRI. 
Dates, organization and prices for individual events are published separately.
Student Centre Rijeka, Radmile Matejčić St 5 
(The building of the Restaurant Kampus)
51000 Rijeka
Telephone number: 051 / 584 517
Mobile phone number: 098 / 979 28 34